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Dating quest ut jazz hockey

Dating quest ut jazz hockey

Barrett, a forward from Duke, is a tantalizing prospect.

But, like all year-olds, Barrett isn't perfect. With that in mind, we talked to a few scouts and talent evaluators and asked them to share some of Barrett's strengths and weaknesses.

Dating quest ut jazz hockey

Elite athleticism, an ability to be dynamic with ball and the ability to shoot. He checks all three boxes," one scout said. And he's an elite athlete.

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You can play him as a facilitator from the perimeter or the high post. He plays the game with a terrific pace, reads PNRs well, stays under control and makes the right, simple pass almost every time.

He rarely forces things.

He makes the simple play offensively. He has a calm demeanor.

He's comfortable handling the ball at the top of the floor and showed that he can tilt the defense and create open shots for others. His vision in those situations was advanced for his age, and should translate well to this level.

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You can tell when he's playing that he really hates losing. From all reports, his work ethic is also apparently fantastic.

The best example of his "will to win" is his FIBA play where he led Canada to a gold medal including a big win against the US team, " a scout said. He just gets it," another talent evaluator says.

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I don't see the ability to pound and elevate and create much of anything from the midrange," notes Oringher. The discipline may come, but it's far from a certainty and would leave me a bit concerned if I took him.

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Playing him off ball and allowing him to attack off closeouts assuming his jumper progresses would be a way to combat this because it would give him a "runway" to click up and attack the rim. When coupled with his average touch, his finishing is a big question mark.

Will he want to do it? It seems like he will, but you can never be sure until you get him on the floor.

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