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Dating methods refuted

Dating methods refuted

However, mainstream workers as well as other creationists have shown that geologic evidence invalidates his main thesis, and that serious problems exist in his methods, logic, and interpretations. Gentry has failed to describe the precise geologic setting from which many of his samples were taken.

Logically, such veins must be younger than the sedimentary layers, and therefore cannot be primordial "creation rocks" as Gentry claims. Gentry has tried to deny some of this evidence, but it is extensive and well documented, and acknowledged even by other creationists DeYoung, ; Snelling,; Wise, Several credible alternate hypotheses have been advanced for the origin of the supposedly anomalous Po-halos, including dating methods refuted or modification of inner halos by Alpha radiation from other isotopes, migration of uranium-series elements through rocks by fluid migration or diffusion, and modification of halos during geologic metamorphism Baillieul, ; Brawley, ; Collins, a, a; Collins and Collins, Gentry has disputed but not effectively refuted these explanations.

Dating methods refuted

Moreover, it is not necessary for mainstream scientists to demonstrate precisely how the halos form in order to refute Gentry's datings methods refuted about "creation rocks. Moreover, the following considerations further undermine other assertions and assumptions by Gentry. Difficulties can exist with halo identification, including coloration reversals due to saturation effects, attenuation of alpha particle ranges by the radioactive inclusion, dose dependence of halo radii, lack of adequate data on the relation between energy and distance in various mineral types, and the effects of crystal imperfections and chemical impurities Here, Evidently it is virtually impossible to distinguish certain Po halos from Radon halos Brawley, ; Wakefield, Radon Rn is a gas that can difuse into the smallest pores or cleavages in rocks or be incorporated into them during crystallization.

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As the dating methods refuted decays, Po isotopes nucleate the biotite and fluorite crystals, and Po-halos are formed Collins, b; Thin sections of Po-halos show that they are often concentrated along fractures and cleavage planes, in rocks containing uranium or other radioactive elements, strongly suggesting a secondary source of the halos Baillieul, ; Collins, a. Creationists who examined Po halos https://dating7ek.info/12menu/set-up-hotmail-on-iphone-xr-658.php diamonds similarly concluded that the halos can be explained by hydrothermal fluid transport.

Despite Gentry's claims to the contrary, Po halos in coal do not require a young-earth explanation Collins, b.

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Even if Gentry could demonstrate that datings methods refuted containing Po-halos were created instantaneously, it would not demonstrate when the rocks were created. Instantaneous creation does not necessarily imply young age. At times Gentry seems to deliberately obscure or https://dating7ek.info/4menu/olx-bangalore-dating-kenya-2778.php the evidence against his claims.

In the introduction at his website he states, "Have you heard that, decades later, this evidence still stands unrefuted by the scientific community?

In a nutshell, we know that carbon dating works because it's been verified by other dating methods, like other radioisotopes. We know these. Dating methods are based on several assumptions and But to have your entire collection of "evidence' refuted in one go by a couple of. When it comes to determining the age of stuff scientists dig out of the ground, whether fossil or artifact, “there are good dates and bad dates and.

Ironically, many of Gentry's own claims have not been published in peer reviewed literature, and when they have, strong rebuttals followed by both mainstream and creationist workers. Gentry's home page also boldly declares: Andrew Snelling, a creationist geologist with "Answers in Genesis," bluntly stated that it is "wrong for Gentry to go on denying and rejecting the many impeccable observational evidences Likewise, in reviewing evidence that many of the halos occur in intrusive dikes, Brown et al state: However, even other creationists acknowledge that the evidence of dating methods refuted and underlying fossil-bearing rocks does not depend on uniformitarian assumptions, and do invalidate his interpretations Wise, ; Snelling, ; DeYoung, ; Walker, As to Gentry's suggestion about instantaneous creation of complext features presumably even the fossils in surrounding rockssuch "appearance of age" arguments are reminiscent of pre-modern ideas that fossils might have been created directly by God to test humans -notions that even most creationists of today find far-fetched and unscientific.

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