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Dating pool zip line guy

Dating pool zip line guy

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The League dating app for professionals debuts in Cleveland Posted Apr 10, The League, a dating app that recently debuted in Cleveland, sponsors activities where singles can connect with link singles. Davis was among Clevelanders chosen for The League's inaugural class of ambitious, well-educated men and datings pool zip line guy looking for the same qualities in a mate.

Her reward was receiving five potential dates when the dating app launched here Tuesday. One of her matches was a doctoral candidate at Case Western Reserve University who described himself as a "British Texan.

Dating pool zip line guy

On this app, there's no swiping left or dating pool zip line guy like on other online dating sites. A handpicked group of Cleveland-area singles, chosen from a wait list of more than 3, received full access to The League dating app and were able to receive their matches selected by the app's algorithm. Every day, members of The League - a curated, mobile-based dating app for career-oriented professionals - receive the profiles of two or three potential dates on their phones.

Send the most interesting person a "heart," and if one is returned, the app opens into a chat function so the two people can arrange a date.

Those singles will decide whether to date a "part-time gym-goer, full-time pizza pundit," or someone whose profile admitted, "I dip my fries in my Frosty and put chips on my sandwich. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is the way to my heart.

Nationally, 30 percent of League users have advanced degrees, and 20 percent have MBAs. Lauren Frawley, 27, thinks that her master's degree in occupational therapy helped make her one of the Clevelanders chosen for The League's opening day. Frawley just see more back to this area after nearly three years in Philadelphia, and it's been hard to meet friends, let alone go on dates.

A friend recommended The League over other dating websites such as Bumble, Frawley said. She's looking for a guy who is funny and educated. The League -- which datings pool zip line guy focus on people who want to date and not just text endlessly -- is trying to promote equality in marriage, according to CEO and founder Amanda Bradford.

She got the idea for the app during her second year of an MBA program at Stanford University in When she re-entered the dating pool zip line guy world after a long-term relationship ended, Bradford wasn't happy with the lack of privacy and filters on OK Cupid, Tinder and other popular online dating websites.

Bradford also realized she wasn't interested in men who "didn't share my same drive to achieve, level of intellect, or desire to be in a relationship where our careers and social lives were of read article importance," s he wrote in an Linked In essay.

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In the essay, Bradford cited studies proving what she observed: No wonder some women downplay their intelligence and accomplishments so they don't drive men away, she said. The League now has more than 1 million people on its wait list in 30 cities; it debuted in six cities - including Cleveland -- on Tuesday, Davis said.

Nationally, the median age of League users is The company does not reveal how many active members it has.

Because membership is curated, the app can ensure an equal ratio of men to women in its dating pool; the pool also tries to mimic the ethnic and racial makeup of its cities, Davis said. The League app is free to download on iOS and the Google Store, and users can upgrade to paid memberships that allow access to more profiles each day and to League activities and events where they can connect with other singles.

People who want to join The League initially sign up for the wait list, and stay there until they are vetted by The League's staff.

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Those who are deemed not up to snuff languish in the wait zone indefinitely, Davis said. The app's click list has been open in Cleveland since Staffers look at every prospect's profile and photo, and authenticates identities through Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Dating profiles are hidden from LinkedIn and Facebook connections. The League does not ask users for annual salaries, and a college degree isn't a requirement. Some people drop out of college to start a business, and many app users in Los Angeles.

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