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Dating quest tv help steampowered com

Dating quest tv help steampowered com

Otherwise, possible work-arounds involve restarting your computer, restarting Steam, and reinstalling Steam. What should I do if my game crashes? The locations are as follows: Windows error log location: Do you have a Safe Zone setting? You should first see if your video drivers have an available update. They be slightly out of date, and this may be causing problems with your display.

Try updating them and playing again to see if it resolves the issue. Some display issues have also been caused by third-party audio applications. Check to see if there are any non-essential audio programs running, end those processes, then run Eternal afterwards. So if your card text is not displaying and you are playing on Mac OS X How do I uninstall Eternal?

If you need to manually, you can delete the files here: You can find the data directory here: Eternal crashes immediately when launching the game from my PC. Is there anything that I can do?

Dating quest tv help steampowered com

Depending on your Android device, you can adjust the fidelity level of the game graphics. To do so, click the gear icon on the main menu, select settings, and select the level quality level for the graphics in the drop down menu. Be advised that not all devices support the ability to adjust graphics settings. I logged in to Eternal and all my progress seems to have disappeared.

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You can send an email to support direwolfdigital. This will authenticate your Eternal account with your Twitch account.

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Activate the extension. Be sure you have your Eternal account linked with Twitch, streaming enabled in the game settings, and the extension installed and enabled in your twitch channel. Please see the Setup instructions for more details.

How do I disable the extension? You can also deactivate or uninstall the extension through the Extensions page of your twitch dashboard. I would like to stream on a delay for a tournament, but keep the extension active for my viewers. Set this value to the number of seconds you would like to delay your stream.

This value should match the delay in your streaming software for best results.

It can range from 0 default to seconds 1 hour. There is an option to configure a delay in the extension. This delay is measured in seconds, and should match any delay set up in your streaming software, such as OBSfor best results. This will allow streaming on a long delay, if you are streaming a tournament or event, for example.

What do the different deck modes do? It does not change over the course of the game. In this mode, people can export your deck directly from the extension if they choose.

Play Gems of War - Puzzle RPG; dating quest tv help steampowered com

I linked my Eternal account with the wrong Twitch account by accident, how can I fix this? You can unlink it on the same page as you linked. If you have any issues unlinking your account, please contact customer support support direwolfdigital.

Closing continue reading settings menu in any other way will cancel your changes. Community Store What is influence and how do I get it? The Interactive Drops are designed to be just that, and may not be botted or scripted. Streamers- Just dating quest tv help steampowered com Streamers get influence for streaming Eternal with the Waystone overlay open for up to four hours per day.

The influence earned scales with the size of your audience. For both streaming and viewing, make sure you have Waystone enabled, and your Twitch accounts linked!

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Where is the community store? On PC and Mac platforms, there is an entry button in the regular store. It requires you to link your Twitch account to your Eternal account to access it. For now, you can leverage our cross-platform account services to log in to a desktop version of the game and check it out, without losing any of your progress on your preferred platform.

You still get passive influence and passive drops when viewing on Mobile. How do I link my Twitch account? Go here and log in with your Eternal account. Follow the flow to link your accounts! What does exclusive content mean?

This content is only accessible in the Community Store at.

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