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Dating quest ut unum symbol

Dating quest ut unum symbol

Joining the Holy Father were Delegations from 23 Churches and Ecclesial Communities, who participat ed in a service of prayer, Scripture readings, an embrace of peace and the blessing of Aaron Nm 6: In his homily the Pope did not downplay the differences that still divide Christians, but said: Let us go forward together, with new enthusiasm, on the path to full unity!

Dating quest ut unum symbol

Christ travels this path with us". Here is a translation of the Pope's homily, which was given in Italian. These words from the Gospel of John have shone brightly on this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which ends today; they shine forth as a kind of programme for the new millennium on which we have set out.

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I gladly express my respectful and heartfelt greeting to the Delegates of the various Churches and Ecclesial Communities who have responded to my invitation and are here today to take part in this Ecumenical Celebration of the Word.

With this celebration we solemnly conclude the days dedicated to more intense prayer for the great cause which is so close to our hearts.

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Through the members of the Delegations gathered here I wish to convey to the leaders and faithful of the various Confessions my good wishes and my fraternal embrace of peace.

Christ is the fulfilment of every human longing "I am the way, and the truth, and the life.

Dating quest ut unum symbol

Many people, especially the young, ask what path they should take. In the storm of words that they endure every day, they ask: Which road should we take? How can we overcome the power of death with life? These are basic questions which express the reawakening in many of a longing for the spiritual dimension of life.

These questions Jesus has already answered, when he affirmed: Only in this way can the men and women of today discover that Christ is the power and the wisdom of God cf.

The ecumenical movement of the 20th century had the great distinction of clearly reaffirming the dating quest ut unum symbol for this witness. After centuries of separation, misunderstanding, indifference and even conflict, there has been a rebirth among Christians of the realization that faith in Christ unites them, and that this faith is a force capable of overcoming all that separates them cf.

Encyclical Letter Ut unum sint, n.

By the grace of the Holy Spirit, with the Second Vatican Council the Catholic Church has committed herself irrevocably to travel the path of the ecumenical quest cf. The differences that still exist between us dating quest ut unum symbol not and cannot be downplayed.

True ecumenical commitment is not a search for compromise, nor does it make concessions where the Truth is concerned. It knows that divisions between Christians are contrary to the will of Christ; it knows that they are a scandal that weakens the voice of the Gospel.

Its efforts are aimed not at ignoring divisions but at overcoming them.

At the same time, awareness of what is still lacking for full communion helps us to appreciate more fully what we already share. In fact, despite the misunderstandings and the many problems that still keep us from feeling fully united, important elements of holiness and truth which belong to the one Church of Christ, even outside the visible boundaries of the Catholic Church, urge us on to full unity cf.

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It is not that outside the Catholic Church there is an ecclesial void cf. Unitatis redintegratio, n. The dialogues which have developed since the Second Vatican Council have brought a new awareness of the heritage and task common to Christians, and have produced very significant results.

We have not yet of course reached the goal, but we have taken important steps forward. We have rediscovered Christian brotherhood.

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We know that our Baptism incorporates us into the one Body of Christ, in a communion that, while not yet full, is nonetheless real cf. We have every reason to praise the Lord and thank him, For a brief moment last year we walked together 4.

With a profoundly grateful heart I think back to the Jubilee Year. From the ecumenical point of view, the Jubilee recorded moments that were truly prophetic and moving cf, Novo millennio ineunte, n.

There remains the vivid memory of the gathering in this basilica on 18 Januarywhen for the first time a Holy Door.

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