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Jan 12, 8 Surprisingly, it's a pretty good game. Regarding the visuals, it has some of the prettiest ones on Wii character geometry, textures, particlesalthough some of the arenas aren't as detailed as others.

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Characters are modeled accordingly and animate fluidly. VO aren't Surprisingly, it's a pretty good game.

VO aren't bad either and you can choose whether they're in Japanese or English. Combat is fast and furious, and takes a little time to master it, but once you do it then everything feels just right. Audio is superb, as expected.

Now, onto the most stressed complaints: While the camera system for the game isn't perfect, it doesn't render the game unplayable or less funnier. The fact is, once you understand how it works it tends to "follow" to the nearest character you can work it around. It's not the best setup, but there are far worst camera systems out there.

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Sure, this may be unacceptable to some, but actually I find it pretty flexible as it works. This is a bit difficult to grade and depends entirely on personal taste. I for one feel comfortable with the character designs and I really love some of them even more in the actual models than in their illustrated forms Alucard comes to mind.

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As it stands, the Castlevania series have never attached to a specific style, specifically in most recent times - Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia - and while some may argue that Ayami Kojima's style is the most "suitable"for the series and believe me, I love her style as wellit is also refreshing to have these 'alternate takes' to her designs.

Sure, some are better than others, but I find it difficult not to like them.

Dating quest xre mre en

Yeah, they may look different and aren't as delicate or effeminate or detailed as her designs, but in the end, as I previously stated, is more of personal dating quest xre mre en than anything else and they serve the purpose and context of the game as they are.

For a Wii game, it has a very decent on-line mode and global leaderboards, something that even Nintendo's own Smash Bros. There are some derivative modes to Story mode in the game as well and here are my greatest complaints, specially Castle mode.

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Enemy models are ported over the Playstation 2 offerings, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there are so few that sometimes it would feel better if they weren't there in the first place. This is a great fighting game - let a lone a Castlevania game - so if you are curious about it, i recommend you at least to rent it.

For those fans to the series, you'll find lots of fan service and references to past games here.

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