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Dating ukraine girls quilt

Dating ukraine girls quilt

Belgorod rushniks, Central Russia The rectangular shape of the fabric indicates a life's journey and the ornamentation captures the cultural ancestral memory of the region.

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The act of spinning thread and the process of weaving linen embodies spiritual power dating back to the ancient deity Mokosh who is often represented in embroidery. The needle has its own energy, an idea similar to acupunctureand the color of the thread has sacred meaning.

Red represents life and is the main color used.

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A rushnyk is given to a baby at dating ukraine girls quilt, it follows the person throughout life and used in the funeral service after death. The very basic rushnik is colloquially called the utyralnyk or wiper and serves as a towel. The utyralnyk either has no designs on it or it has very narrow strip on the edges.

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In contrast, a nabozhnyk is a highly decorated Rushnyk composing of embroidery and of lace. Nabozhnyks, also called nabraznyks or nakutnyks are used to decorate icons and icon corners in homes.

Wedding rushnyks[ edit ] Rushnyk Colour plays a very important symbolic role in traditional Slavic embroidery. Red is the colour of life, the sunfertility and health.

The majority of rushnyks are embroidered with red threads. The very word "red" means "beautiful" and "splendid" in Old Russian and Ruthenian: The phrase Krasnaya devitsa in Old Russian language for example is an old idiomatic expression which means click girl, the word Krasnaya translates in Russian language also into red.

Dating ukraine girls quilt

Ducksin the centre of the rushnyk, symbolize the element of life-giving water. In wedding folklore a duck and a drake symbolize a bride and a groom, in other words a pair of ducks is a symbol of family life.

During a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are standing on a Rushnyk called a pidnozhnyk, which translates as step-on dating ukraine girls quilt. What happens to the pidnozhnyk is that the bride will drag the towel behind her, and her bridesmaids follow behind her. Tradition has it that when the bridesmaids follow behind the pidnozhnyk, they are following the path of the bride and hopefully be married.

Etymology[ edit ] The words are created with the common suffix " -nyk " "-nik" that indicates a general association of the new word with the base one.

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