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Ff dating my ex part 2

Ff dating my ex part 2

Can you please reconsider your decision? I got my books from my locker when I heard my friend yell "Janelle hurry up! We will be late for class!

Suddenly, i immediately fell onto the ground as someone pushed me roughly. I looked up and saw that it was Jungkook. I sighed as my friend helped me get up.

Ff dating my ex part 2; ff yadong dating my ex part 6

He is so annoying and so rude, I thought to myself. I took out a old notebook and threw it at Jungkook, making him turn around with anger in his eyes "You should watch where you are going, gangster!

Forward to after our 3rd class: Didn't you see how angry he was? I rolled my eyes "yes I did but how can I just ignore the fact he pushed me hard to the ground without saying sorry?!

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You seem moody" "No, I'm just pissed at Jungkook. He is so annoying" "You mean annoyingly handsome" "If you think he is so cute, why don't you date him. Him and his girlfriend broke up" Suddenly, my phone vibrated from my backpack as I took it out.

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Please get back together with me" I sighed as Chaeyoung noticed. I mean his girlfriend dumped him that day and you suddenly received a text? That he typed in my number by mistake? If you read this, I want us to talk" "Are you sure you want to go to Starbucks to reveal your identity to Jungkook?

Tears fell onto his face as he wiped it off. My heart started pumping as I slowly started walking towards him. I gulped "Jungkook" He froze and looked up.

My Ex-Girlfriend is DATING my BROTHER... **my reaction**

I'm Janelle and I keel receiving these text messages from you saying you want Jenny back. She probably changed her number.

dating my ex part 6. Tentative date? 19 feb, and immediate blogging. 2 nov nc21 rating: mini ff cho kyuhyun dating sim game! 19 feb. dating my ex part 6. Tentative date? 19 feb, and immediate blogging. 2 nov nc21 rating: mini ff cho kyuhyun dating sim game! 19 feb. (F-gang Bloody The Michael by Opening Big The And Girls Broke 2 Girls: Broke 2 F-solo, oral, anal, objects, food, (FF, MTL by 1 Part Love In Girls Broke 2 Girls. Ff cho kyuhyun dating my ex, The Ex-Ex?, SJLoveMe, SJLoveMe, I love My Own World. dating my ex;. Share FF) Trapped in Love with Game (Part 2.

Looks like I got her number when I changed mine" I said here Jungkook's eyes widen. But instead you made me look like a fool texting you without any response" he said.

Imagine¤Taehyung as your Ex Bf & Jungkook jealous PT 1

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