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Dating quest use tax filing

Dating quest use tax filing

Taxability What services are taxed? Back to top of page What labor charges are taxable?


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Charges for production and assembly labor are taxable. Charges for repair and installation labor are taxable when the property being repaired, replaced, or installed is taxable. See our notice titled "If you install or apply tangible personal property.

Except for separately stated charges for U. Back to top of page Are computer consulting services taxable? Charges for consultants who only provide generalized advice and who do not provide software or updates or modifications to software are sales tax exempt.

Sales and Use Tax: Filing and Paying a Sales & Use Tax Return

Charges for services by a consultant that result in a transfer of software, whether canned or custom, are subject to sales tax including charges for programming, program development, systems analysis, software customization and modification, upgrading of software programs, and charges for installation. Training charges are taxable whenever paid to the seller of the dating quest use tax filing.

Automatic or mandatory telephone support services that come with the transfer of software are taxable. The optional purchase of telephone support services which are separately stated are not taxable. Back to top of page Are sales made over the Internet taxable?

Dating quest use tax filing

Sales made by taxes filing via the Internet are taxed in the same manner as sales made by other retailers, including those via mail-order catalogs. If the seller is licensed to collect Nebraska sales tax, then the customer pays the sales tax to the seller. If the seller is not licensed to collect Nebraska sales tax or fails to collect the sales tax, then the customer becomes personally liable for the tax and must pay it directly to the Department of Revenue as use tax.

Forms are available on our website for remitting the use tax.

The sale is made only once per calendar year for a period of three days or less; and The type of property placed on the online auction site does not include anything which is similar to that sold by the individual or any member of the individual's household in a trade or dating quest use tax filing.

Back to top of dating quest use tax filing What labor charges for work done on motor vehicles are taxable? Labor charges to install new or upgraded component parts or accessories on a motor vehicle are taxable. Sales of food or food ingredients which are generally for home preparation and consumption are not taxable.

Food which may be purchased exempt from sales tax includes cereals, eggs, fruits, meats, vegetables, milk, cooking oils, sugar, canned or bottled soft drinks, bottled water, and candy.

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Prepared foods such as restaurant meals, fountain drinks, and ice cream sundaes are taxable. Food sales in vending machines, and by caterers are taxable. Back to top of page What machinery or equipment qualifies for the agricultural machinery and equipment sales tax exemption?

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Machinery or equipment that is used directly in planting, tilling, harvesting, dating quest use tax filing, fertilizing, or irrigating crops, and equipment used in raising or feeding livestock may qualify for the exemption. Refer to the Department's information guide, " Agricultural Machinery and Equipment.

More information on qualifying repair and replacement parts can be found in the Department's " Agricultural Machinery and Equipment " information guide. Back to top of page How do I get a refund if I paid sales tax on agricultural machinery or equipment that qualifies for the sales tax exemption?

Office of Tax and Revenue: dating quest use tax filing

Back to top of page Are aircraft subject to sales or use tax? The sale and delivery of aircraft to a dating quest use tax filing in Nebraska is subject to the Nebraska and local sales or use tax unless a specific exemption applies. The local sales or use tax due is based on the address where the aircraft is hangared. Back to top of page Where does the Department obtain its aircraft registration information? The Nebraska Department of Revenue obtains aircraft registration information from the Federal Aviation Administration and from county assessors.

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