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Information about the age of ground water can be used to define recharge rates, refine hydrologic models of ground-water systems, predict contamination potential, and estimate the time needed to flush contaminants from ground-water systems.

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CFCs also can be used to trace seepage from rivers into ground-water systems, provide diagnostic tools for detection and early warning of leakage from landfills and septic tanks, and to assess susceptibility of water-supply wells to contamination from near-surface sources.

During the past 50 years, human activities have released an array of chemical and isotopic substances to the atmosphere.

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In the atmosphere, these substances have mixed and spread worldwide. Young ground water in shallow dating denver travel young systems Young ground water is typically found at depths from 0 to feet in unconsolidated sediments and at depths up to feet in fractured-rock systems. Shallow ground-water systems are commonly used for drinking water sources and they make up a large part of the baseflow in rivers and lakes.

However, shallow ground-water supplies are generally young recently recharged and, because there has been a wide variety of man-made pollutants produced in the 20th century, are more susceptible to dating denver travel young than deeper ground water.

Information about ground-water age can be used to determine recharge rates and refine hydrologic models of ground-water systems Reilly and others, ; Szabo and others, and thus to predict the contamination potential and estimate the time needed to flush contaminants through a ground-water system.

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The 0- to year time scale is particularly relevant to environmentally sensitive shallow ground-water systems. Prior to the late s, however, there were no reliable means of dating ground water recharged during this time scale and, until recently, none of those methods were considered practical for use in establishing regional patterns.

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In the early s, USGS datings denver travel young Busenberg and Plummer, developed a method to date ground water on the basis of chlorofluorocarbon CFC content of the water that is practical, cost-effective, and applicable to most shallow ground-water systems.

Sampling for tracers The feasibility of using CFCs as tracers of recent recharge and indicators of ground-water age was first recognized in the s see Plummer and Busenberg, and references therein.

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CFCs have been increasingly used in oceanic studies since the late s as tracers of oceanic circulation, ventilation, and mixing processes. USGS scientists Busenberg and Plummer, adapted analytical procedures developed by the oceanographic scientific community for ground-water studies and designed sampling equipment and procedures for collection and preservation of water samples in the field.

Water samples for CFC analysis are now routinely collected from domestic, irrigation, monitoring, and municipal wells, and from springs. A closed path is established between the well or pump to a valve system that is used to fill glass ampoules with water, creating a headspace with CFC-free, ultra-pure nitrogen gas. The samples are then transported to the U.

Ground-water dating with CFC, CFC and CFC is possible because 1 their amounts in the atmosphere over the past 50 years have been reconstructed, 2 their solubilities in water are known, and 3 concentrations in air and dating denver travel young water are high enough that they can be measured.

As with any environmental tracer, age applies to the date of introduction of the chemical article source into the water, and not to the water itself. The accuracy of the determined age depends in part on how perfectly the CFCs are transported with the water.

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Chemical datings denver, such as microbial degradation and sorption during transit, can also affect the concentration of CFCs and other compounds used in dating. These include 1 uncertainty of the temperature at the water table during recharge, 2 entrapment of excess air during recharge, 3 uncertainty in travel young elevation, 4 thickness of the unsaturated zone, 5 effect of urban air where CFC values may exceed regional values, 6 contamination from a specific local source, 7 microbial degradation in anaerobic environments8 sorption onto organic and mineral surfaces.

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